British pubs will be sorely missed, a Global Visas poll has revealed

Iconic British pubs top the list of what the UK public would miss if they were emigrating from the UK, a poll undertaken by recently revealed.


36 per cent claimed they would miss British pubs the most for reasons such as ‘nowhere has pubs quite like we do in the UK’; ‘you can’t take pubs with you’ and ‘beers are cheaper in the UK!’


No wonder, when there are in excess of 50,000 pubs in the UK. The pub culture is entrenched in nearly every Brits’ blood stream, whether for a leisurely Sunday lunch, a quiet pint with friends and family, a Thursday quiz evening or a raucous night out.


British high street fashion came second in the poll (21 per cent) with British tea taking third place (14 per cent) pushing the ‘national sport’ football into fourth place (13%).


The poll undertaken by Global Visas, a UK business that provides people worldwide with international visa, relocation, immigration services, received 321,418 requests for visas in Q1 of 2013. The UK is also the third most popular destination that people wish to emigrate to – the first of which is Canada followed by Australia.


Unsurprisingly, umbrellas, one of the options in the poll, received no votes at all – no wonder when the UK is experiencing its worst summer on record and the forecast this week is for gale force wind and rain descending on Britain.


British Television and Fish and Chips jointly shared fifth place with Yorkshire puddings and The Royal Family trailing behind. Marmite only received one vote – you either love it or you hate it!

Gary Smith, global sales and marketing director at Global Visas comments: “We may not have the warmest weather in the world, but we sure know how to pour the perfect pint, keep up to date with fashion trends and we have mastered the art of brewing a good pot of tea!  No wonder the UK is a top destination for people looking for a new home. “

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