Are You Playing The WHEN – THEN Game?

  • When I’ve got my business cards then I can start networking.
  • When I’ve got my website up then I’ll feel confident to speak to people.
  • When I’ve done a bit more pro bono work then I’ll be able to charge for my service.
  • When I’ve given away a few more widgets and had good feedback then I’ll be able to charge for them.
  • When I’ve got this qualification then I’ll start my business.
  • When I’ve lost weight then I’ll start dating.

Any of the above sound familiar?


Does FEAR stop you from…

  • Doing new things
  • Communicating confidently and effectively with others
  • Feeling great about yourself
  • Starting or ending a unhealthy relationship
  • Communicating effectively and giving great presentations
  • Asking for help and advice
  • Networking confidently
  • Growing your business
  • Embracing change
  • Believing in yourself and your business

You will be amazed at the across the board changes that you can easily apply to your life to transform all the above situations, and more…

How would you feel if you could courageously step through your fears and live a more purposeful life without self-imposed limits? Would you be doing work you love, enjoying deep and meaningful relationships, letting go of old wounds, letting go of the constant worry about what others think of you?

All of this, and so much more, is possible.  Breaking through your fears is like moving from a place of ‘wading through mud’ to one of ‘dancing with life’.

Based on the worldwide bestselling book, Feel the Fear… and Do It Anyway® this workshop has been transforming individuals and workplaces for over twenty five years.

This workshop is a phenomenal experience, using interactive sessions and exercises designed to accommodate all learning styles you will work through a process designed to help you identify and face everything that has been holding you back. You will discover how you can change your thinking and experience living from an entirely new perspective.

November Workshops

9th November – Derby

16th November – Leicester

Investment: £95   includes all workshop material, a copy of the book , FREE Keeping On Track coaching session (worth £75).

Promotional discounts

– 10% early bird booking (15% for RSViP members)

– group bookings – 2 people or more £67pp (£15% off for RSViP members)

If you want to know more or would like to see if this is for you – call Alison 0780 325 4591 or email