7 Steps To Getting Your Goals

It isn’t about goal setting it’s about goal GETTING!! I am sure that many of you have goals written down – have a look – are there any stuck on your wall, in the back of your diary, in a document somewhere on your computer?

Is what you are doing right now taking you closer to your goals? If not why are you doing it?

1 – Big Picture – Think big! Throw all you ideas down on paper, take this around with you for a week and add to it as things come in to your mind. Discuss it with others. Don’t limit it just because it doesn’t seem attainable. Think about what you want to be, have and do over the next 2, 5, 10, 20 years.

What do I want to have? A holiday home/ 150 staff/no mortgage/a brand new car ever year
What do I want to be? Financially comfortable/living next to a golf course
What do I want to do? Retire in 10 years/sell the business

2 – The Driving Force – Once you have your list now you can start to look at what you will get from being, having and doing them.
For each one ask yourself ‘what will it give me’, why do you want it and keep asking the question until you have an answer that feels right, you might find that a lot of them have the same benefits. That’s your WHY. Once you know the ‘why’ the ‘how’ is much easier making it more achievable.

What will it give me –
A holiday home    —  Investment, income, space, time with the family, relaxation, healthy life style

3 – Select and Set SMART Goals – Your list may be quite long and it won’t be possible to work on them all at once, some may need to be achieved before others. So select your top 3 by using a simple decision making tool(email me for my favourite one).

So now you have 3 areas for setting goals, make a SMART goal for each

To have purchased a holiday home in the South of France (be more specific if you can) by September 2017.

4 – Cut the Elephant up – into manageable pieces! The above goal as it stands is too large to deal with so we need to break it down into journey goals. Imagine what it looks, sounds and feels like to have achieved your goal and work back from the end to where you are now to identify the steps you need to take.

September 2017 – Having our first holiday in our new holiday home!!
April 2017 – Start purchase process
January 2017 – Look for properties. Research solicitors, other services involved
Mid 2016 – Decide on area. Research moving process
2015 – Take holiday in France. Sign up to property websites
2014 – Initial research on areas. Financial details including lawyers, shipping etc… How much £ is required. Make savings plan. Join expats forums. Learn French

5 – Short Term Plan – break it down into SMART activities, also decide what do you need to do first? Again use a simple decision making tool to prioritise.

What – Research costal locations around the Toulon.

When – Feb – 21st – March 30th

How – Internet, expat forum, speak to Nora and Brian

6– Monitor – your progress regularly. Having you short Term plan printed out and visible is great as a:

• visual aid for monitoring progress
• great motivator when you see activities completed

Don’t forget to reward yourself for all achievements, no matter how small.
7- Review and Revise – It’s imperative that you check that your goals are still valid. Has anything changed in your life which changes your goal or the goal specifics (e.g. dates?). If so then change the goal details or decide if you need to change the goal.
Please add any tips in the comment section or email them to me or if you want to spend a day planning and setting goals and getting some tips for time management visit the website www.steps-forward.co.uk