Newark Letting Agent ‘Considered’ Pioneer In Rental Feedback

Landlords and tenants in Newark are now able to join a revolutionary new rental feedback scheme after teaming up with a local lettings agent, in a bid to raise standards within the private rented sector.

The scheme known as Consider-Rate offers a unique two way feedback system helping tenants and lettings agents make sound judgements based on specific questions for each party to answer that fill the gaps of information currently found through standard referencing.

Tenants letting agents and landlords can build up their own online digital CV, allowing all parties to demonstrate that they are responsible and reliable to do business with.

Now Newark based Buttercross Estates, located on Middle Gate, has become the very first in the area to adopt the innovative rental feedback system.

The forward thinking agent sees the scheme as the alternative to licensing as it encourages improvements within the sector but with the extra benefit that provides real value to both landlords and tenants.

The scheme provides people on both sides of the property fence with a resource to validate their own reputation and check the reliability of others, allowing them to rent with confidence.

Tim Gorton, managing director at Consider-Rate said: “After meeting with Daniel it became clear that he has a fresh new approach to the lettings market, which fits very well with the Consider-Rate ethos. 

Buttercross is the only agent we have ever encountered who does not charge a ‘setup’ fee, which can in some cases set the landlord back £200-£300 for each new tenant that moves in.   That’s a massive saving for landlords.

“He understands the residential landlord, and indeed the need for steady cash-flow. After talking to him about Consider-Rate and what we are achieving throughout the UK, Daniel saw huge potential in adopting the scheme, which works to protect both the landlord and tenant, whilst raising standards in-line with the governments code of practice in the lettings market.”

Buttercross Estates has agreed to put all of its landlords and their properties onto Consider-Rate’s National Rental Standard package, and to make this a mandatory step in its lettings process.

Daniel Otton said: “We are delighted to be associated with Consider-Rate and we are able to offer our landlords the full package for the standard package price of just £6 including VAT per month which again will save our Landlords over £120 per year on the Full package price, normally £13.50 plus VAT. This is an exclusive offer which has been granted to us for being the very first agent in Newark to join the scheme.

For us, Consider-rate means we are transparent to our Tenants and Landlords whilst providing evidence to protect them should it be required. Then, from here on in our service will speak for itself and can be found and seen by all who need to via the Consider-rate site.

I really do believe that it is the best way for everyone in the lettings process to build up a profile of trust. What’s more, we will offer it free to any landlords that come on board by the end of June.”