What do you want to earn?

I’m off to see my financial advisor this afternoon, he’s a top bloke, I like him a lot and he really knows his stuff.   But I am not going to see him with a view to being told what I need to save, I am going to see him so he can tell me what I need to earn.

I’m not great at the numbers, they are not really my thing but he has a clever little forecast tool that I can put in all the details of what I want to spend over the next year, plus what I want to contribute to my ongoing pot and it will tell me whether I am ahead or behind the curve.  That way I can then make the changes in my business.

You will have heard many times that running a successful business is all about knowing the numbers and I think it is the same thing, for running a successful life.

Most people, define their lifestyle by what is left at the end of the month. They earn their money, pay what they need to pay and with what’s left they can create a lifestyle.

However the really successful folk– and those who have desires to be– define what they want to do in their life , the day to day stuff, holidays, cars etc and then work back to find out what needs to be done to do achieve it.

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