‘Expecting 2016’ – Helping end pregnancy & maternity related discrimination at work

Specialist employment law firm Castle Associates is launching campaign Expecting 2016.

The idea behind the campaign is to help pregnant ladies and new mothers understand what their rights are within the workplace and offer support and guidance.

Around one in nine mothers reported that they were dismissed, made compulsorily redundant or treated so poorly that they felt they had to leave. This could mean if scaled up to the general population that it affects as many as 54,000 mothers a year.

These figures alone are enough to shock anyone into doing something, and firm Castle Associates are the ones to step in and help change how mothers to be are treated.

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Mark Ferron, managing director at Castle Associates said “These results are a real concern for expectant and new mothers – and their families. Should they lose their jobs, the entire family is affected, and so this is why we are launching Expecting 2016”.

As a full time working mum myself, I feel that the campaign is really important and is such a welcome idea. For mothers to be to feel like there is now a support if they are being mistreated at work will come as a huge relief.

I was lucky that my employer was very good and incredibly accommodating. I was allowed time off for antenatal appointments and could even come in later or leave a little earlier depending on how I was feeling when I was nearing my maternity leave. I was also able to come back on flexible working hours, which was such a help. It meant that even though I worked full time, I still got some time at the end of the day to spend with my little boy.

I wouldn’t like to think how I would be feeling if my employer made things difficult for me and forced me out of my position. Having a baby and being on maternity pay is a struggle, let alone if you no longer have a job. It is unacceptable that employers are allowed to get away with making these ladies feel this way, when all they want to do is raise a family and also continue with their career.

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It is incredibly difficult to get mothers back into the work place after their maternity leave. It is nice to know that there will now be that support should an employer start to make unnecessary demands on the lead up to you returning to work after having a baby – something that is stressful enough having to think about leaving your little one for the first time.

Expecting 2016 will be a free helpline aimed to end pregnancy and maternity related discrimination at work and providing a telephone advice service for both employers and employees.

For free and confidential advice you can call Castle Associates Monday to Friday 9am until 5pm on the free phone line 0800 028 4551 or direct on 0115 969 6016.

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Written by Busy Working Mummy – Professional blogger & freelance journalist