Top Tips for Small Business Communications

In the increasingly competitive business world, small business owners must ensure their voice is heard. This week, Local Business Week is promoting just that with the aim of helping Britain’s local businesses take on the corporate giants.  Whether you are starting your own business and need to build your client base or already have an existing business that needs to stand up against bigger players, it is important that your business is easily accessible to customers. Here Rory Whelan, Voice Marketing Manager for eReceptionist, explains his top 5 tips to ensure effective business communication.


  • Ensure consumer confidence and establish the impression of being a well-established organisation by setting up a 0800 number. Your business effectively gains a national presence without the need to set up branches or expand your existing location.


  • Pick up the tab of any incoming call. Freephone numbers like 0800 numbers have a greater potential to increase call volume as compared to local and revenue sharing numbers. In doing this, you show consumers that you value their business – it’s also a good way to entice new business knowing you will foot the bill.


  • Ensure all calls are answered – our research shows that 59% of consumers wouldn’t leave a voicemail if their call was unanswered with more than a third preferring to call the next business on their list. Don’t miss out on potential business with a call management package, you can take control and never miss a call.


  • Save precious time by handling your call management package online – a quick update to your call scheduler to match your diary ensures your business is always connected and easily accessible to existing and potential customers. Worried about changing your existing number and the impact on your customer base – it’s easy and cost-effective to move your existing landline number.


  • Forward your calls when you’re not in the office all of the time – this gives flexibility throughout the year to match your schedule. More importantly, your company is still getting business even when you’re on holiday!


Article written by Rory Whelan, Voice Marketing Manager, j2 Global – providing advanced communications for more than 11 million customers in more than 4,100 cities around the world. For more information on the eReceptionist products, go to