DARE you find the TRUTH at The Lost City this Valentine’s Day?

Love it or loathe it, Valentine’s Day is coming – but it doesn’t have to be all about candlelit restaurants and romantic movies. If you’re looking for something a bit more entertaining this year, then head to The Lost City and celebrate a Valentine’s Day with a difference. Whether it’s a date night or a mate night, enjoy a game of adventure golf before heading to the Tiki Bar for a limited-edition cocktail – all for just £13.50 (or 18.50 for two games).

Choose from two playful cocktail options – Truth, a sweet mixture of Stoli Raspberry Vodka, Chambord and rose wine, shaken with vanilla syrup, apple & lemon juice and topped off with a raspberry & a cheeky question; or Dare, combining Old J Dark Spiced Rum with Disaronno, cherry syrup and lime and finished off with Coca Cola, Cherries & a mischievous dare.

Which will you choose?

Available from 14th – 16th February.

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