Are you Building an Effective Team?

Are you Building an Effective Team?

Team-building events are becoming very popular and it’s a rapidly growing industry, worth around £200 million per year. Businesses are investing more and more in team-building events and away days, with the intention that it will increase their bottom line. So, what is it all about? Some companies spend £1,000+ per person on away days or team-building retreats, while others encourage their employees to do charity fun runs and other fundraising activities. The annual Christmas do, Gala Dinners and work nights out are all good for bonding with the people you are sitting next to, but are they the best way to build a team?

What are the benefits of investing in team-building activities?

Great teams have a direct impact on the success of a company. Building a successful team will help your organisation to become more productive and achieve better results. If your people are working in a happy environment and they can communicate with ease, they will be able to think more clearly and concentrate on the job in hand. A good quality, well-thought-out team-building activity can increase productivity dramatically.

Investing in team-building activities has many benefits. It will keep employees energised, break down barriers, strengthen the bond between co-workers and build trust. It also gives people an opportunity to have fun, relax, de-stress and see others in a different light. All these benefits contribute massively to creating a positive working environment for employees to achieve their best – for themselves and for the company.

What type of team-building activities are best?

It’s all about the ROI (Return on Investment) and the desired outcomes that you are hoping to gain from the team-building activity. This is business after all. The benefits of the activity should outweigh the cost. Therefore, think hard about what you are trying to gain from it. Ultimately, you are trying to raise your bottom line as a result of the effects the activity has on your employees, so work out what behaviours you are hoping to encourage and how this has a direct impact on productivity.

Don’t be afraid to push boundaries. You don’t want to scare your employees to death, but the sense of accomplishment is a great energiser, so going beyond comfort zones shouldn’t be completely avoided.
It’s good to step out of the norm too. Team-building exercises that have been rolled out again and again become dated and boring. Dance, drama, singing and playing musical instruments are all great ways of getting a group of people going and creating a buzz of learning new skills!

Equation Events provides a long list of energising team-building activities. The team spends time working out what will work for your workplace, so you get a cost-effective, maximum-impact solution.

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