Hi, I’m Mark from Sales Extra, part of MarketCheckers, been going 25 years.

We give you the lowdown on how good your staff, your premises and your competitors are. A customer-eye view…..which can even be videoed if you want it videoed.

Do you have one site, or six, or dozens? Are you in Retail or Wholesale, or do you manufacture? Do you run leisure outlets or coffee shops? Are you in Automotive? Public sector? Professional or Financial services?

In 25 years, we‘ve worked with lots of very well-known names (check out the web site) and many more not-so-well-known ones. I enjoy SMEs best, because we make even more of a difference.

Sales Extra gives you very clear ways to:
1. convert more enquiries
2. keep more customers for longer
3. give the best possible customer service
4. sell more to everybody

Sales Extra costs from just the price of a pizza, and we help you get a bigger slice of the action.

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