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Are you an Entrepreneur?

If you answer ‘yes’ to the following then you can safely say you can class yourself as a budding entrepreneur….

  1. You have always been driven, self motivated and hardworking.
  2. You’ve worked for employers in jobs that you have excelled at and climbed the ladder fast.
  3. You’ve worked in jobs and had the thought ‘I could run a company like this so much better than my current employer’.
  4. You are always looking at ways to ‘monetise’ EVERYTHING!
  5. You notice the small things on a day to day basis – spelling mistakes on restaurant menus, weak hand- shakes and non satisfactory customer service …and want to scream…You then spend the next half an hour ranting to whoever will listen about how that is not acceptable and how you would do it better.
  6. You don’t mind working long, unsociable hours and carrying on working when your mates are off to the pub- after all it’s for yourself.
  7. You love watching TV shows like Dragons Den, and the Apprentice.
  8. You love hearing about new business ideas and meeting new people.
  9. Enjoying what you do for a living is extremely important to you.
  10. You measure success in not only income, but happiness and contentment.
  11. Your aim is to work your business around your lifestyle rather than the other way around.
  12. You see problem solving as a challenge rather than an obstacle.
  13. You are not afraid of failure, if all else fails, try, try and try again.
  14. You have at least one hero in the business world that inspires you e.g Sir Alan Sugar, Sir Richard Branson, Karen Brady etc…
  15. You use real life experiences to spur you on rather than hinder your progression.
  16. You thrive on criticism and use it as a way of driving you further forward- ‘There is no better revenge than success’.
  17. Procrastination is one of your biggest irritations.
  18. You can’t wait to get up in the morning to start work.
  19. You find yourself talking business on weekends, holidays, at weddings….
  20. Sleeping is a barrier toward your goal and you can’t wait to get up to see what the day will bring.
  21. You haven’t had a holiday in over two years – because you don’t want one…
  22. You can’t envisage working ‘for’ someone in the future and want to build your own empire- and all the best to you, you are an inspiration!


Fiona Duncan, RSViP




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