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Review- Maluwa Therapies

Everyone should treat themselves to a good old pamper once in a while and so when Anne turner-Harrod of Maluwa Therapies invited me in to her brand new treatment room at The Park Clinic for just that, I couldn’t get there fast enough…

Hopi Ear Candles is something I gave a go a good few years back at a different salon, but if I am honest, could not really tell a difference and so when Anne offered me this treatment, I thought I would give it another chance to see just what it was really all about.

I was asked to make myself comfortable on the couch and lay on my side with a cotton sheet over me for warmth, whilst the ‘Hopi’ candle was lit and placed in my ear gently and held by Anne for around 10 minutes until it burnt all the way down.

The best way to describe the sensation is warmth in the inner ear and the subtle sounds of fizzing and crackling which actually shows it is working, as the sound indicates that the wax is being drawn from the inner ear into the tube of the candle, which basically creates a suction action with its heat- not the most pleasant idea but this is the point of the treatment as it clears congestion in particular after you have been poorly with a cold,  or it is great if you suffer from blocked sinuses.  Both ears were treated for around 10 minutes each ear and Anne then followed with a facial massage, soothing the skin with Weleda Natural Calendula Oil which also stimulates the lymphatic system draining toxins and clearing congestion within the sinuses, also regulating pressure and assisting with migraines & sinusitis.  I must say I was very impressed by this treatment overall as it was both relaxing and productive, considering the fact that it took away my headache!

After my Hopi Ear Candle I was then treated to a luxury Pedicure…

My feet were soaked in a foot bath of Weleda Rosemary Bath Milk which warmed and washed my feet at the same time also aiding circulation. The hard skin was then gently removed with a foot file and Weleda Birch Exfoliation Cream, my toe nails shaped & buffed, cuticles tidied and finished with a wonderfully refreshing foot and leg massage using Weleda Citrus Body Lotion, before my nails were painted with a colour of my choice- I opted for a beautiful deep plum colour, to which I was given the rest of the bottle to take home with me as a gift from Maluwa, which I thought was a lovely touch.

Anne is a Weleda Wellbeing Advisor and is trained in the therapeutic & medicinal properties of the 100% natural skincare range, offering free 1 to 1 skincare consultations as well as being a stockist of Weleda products at her treatment room within The Park Clinic, Regent Street,  Nottingham,  NG1 5BT.

Maulwa Therapies are also offering all RSViP members 25% off all services on production of your membership card.


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