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Belgo’s much­anticipated opening had every Nottingham foodie buzzing with excitement. Is their hype well­founded?
I take an impartial look at their launch night offering.

Belgo is popular. So popular in fact that they were fully booked the moment their Nottingham presence was announced.
Their launch night was no different with every table occupied by business people or well to do self­proclaimed foodies.

IMG_9939 IMG_9945

Ordinarily this would be a worrying sign since packed restaurants rarely perform well.L uckily, the guys and girls of Belgo had everything under control. We were seated and presented with a bucket of Belgian beers quicker than I could say “moules mariniere” (For your information, this was very quickly but I make no claim for being able to pronounce moules mariniere correctly). So what was it like? Let’s start with things in their order of importance:
The beer selection lived up to expectation. They had everything from the standard 4%­ers to the “this will floor me but it is too good not to drink” 10%­ers as well as a selection of fruitier alternatives featuring coconut and honey.
To add to the appeal, each beer is served in a specific glass, designed to enhance it’s flavour. So far so good.
The selection of starters including cheesy beer croquets, chipotle garlic butter king prawns and potted pate were all well received. The cheesy beer croquets were especially pleasing but sadly the same could not be said for the prawns which were rather overcooked and chewy. Then followed two types of mussels: traditional and thai, served with double cooked frites.
The fries were great, super crunchy with a soft centre and no oily residue.
Both mussel dishes were tasty, especially the fragrant thai style ones which were mildly creamy with a fiery kick at the end.
A shot glass of steak, asparagus and béarnaise sauce was next. This classic combination of tastes with well flavoured, tender strips of steak deserves praise.
To finish we were presented with cream, chocolate and blueberry compote topped waffles. These were a little underwhelming but I could argue it was ruining the taste of the now nearly empty bottle of Slag beer.

The verdict: a deserving 4/5 stars. Great for beer, mussels and fries. The desserts need work but this was never Belgo’s main selling point.

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