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Rest, Relax, Rejuvenate, are the three words that enticed me with no resistance to visit this unique and ‘must try’ experience…

Calm Water Floatation based in the Lady Bay area of West Bridgford, Nottingham is a real hidden gem, encouraging you to leave your stresses and strains at the door and enjoy a minimum one hour of complete relaxation inside one of their floatation pods.

Floating weightlessly your body is perfectly supported by a cushion of silky, skin-temperature Epsom Salt solution and I have to say I have never felt my skin so silky soft.

Upon arrival I was greeted by the very friendly Tracey, who offered me a pair of very fetching rubber flip flops and asked me to fill out a form – the usual formalities, but what I was impressed with was the fact that I could choose which music I wanted playing in my pod- I opted for ‘Tropical Waves’ , the idea that I could be on a Caribbean beach for the next hour or so very much appealed…

It was then time to enter the Floatation Pod *Cue dramatic music*, Tracy explained the procedure and advised me to shower prior and post pod experience using their beautiful natural Aloe Vera products which were provided for your use.

The room was fairly small and cosy featuring the main event- the floatation tank – a curved shaped pod containing warm water and Epsom salt solution, which is the magic ingredient which helps your entire body float on the surface.  Epson salt is well known for easing muscular pains and bruising and the magnesium element of the salts also help with reducing toxins in the body, with being one of the very few minerals we can absorb through the skin.

After showering, I entered the pod…in my Birthday suit I might add (swim wear is not advised as it restricts you from allowing your body total relaxation), and I was immediately surprised by the warmth and the only way I can describe- the silkiness of the water by the Epsom salt…

The pod was lit softly with mood lighting and I lay back and relaxed after closing the lid on myself- a slightly strange feeling at first- the use of the earplugs is advised as your ears will be submersed in the water when laying back and it was an unusual feeling to get used to trusting the fact that you won’t, well drown…

Once you get over the trust issues of the pod you will relax, there’s no doubt that it takes over you, the music you previously selected kicks in and the light goes off to allow total one hundred percent relaxation.  I was in the pod for one hour, but this time went quickly and I think I did dose off a few times. 

I have to admit towards the end I did get a little curious and started swimming around a bit getting the salt water in my eyes- not advisable, but if you keep a towel near the lid you can quickly solve that eventuality.

After leaving the pod, I showered, washed my hair and made full use of their dressing room facilities, where hairdryers and products are provided and a glass of water to drink is advised to rehydrate you before going on your merry way into the world again.

I spoke to a few guys who were also there to try the pod, some for the first time and some regulars who all had positive things to say prior and post treatments and I have to say, it was one of the most surreal treatments I have ever had in order to help me relax, (something I don’t do very easily being busy and self-employed), but it most certainly worked, as for two days following I was in a very relaxed state of mind- a success I would say!

I recommend the Calm Water Floatation experience to anyone who is looking for a bit of escapism, complete alone time for a short while, or if you suffer with aches and pains and are looking for an alternate relief.

1 hour sessions cost £45 and packages are available with special offers.

Fiona Duncan


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Gema Mckeown 4:34pm 16th November 2015

Thank you so much for the review RSViP. I took my husband to Calm Water Floatation last week, based upon your experience documented here, and we were not disappointed. The most mazing, (strange and Surreal) relaxing experience we could have hoped for. We are both very busy and work crazy long hours, with our experience at Calm Water Floatation being the very first known break for our minds in many years. I have to say that I am now hooked and will be attempting to shoe-horn in regular REST experiences at Calm Water Floatation. Thank you again for the recommendation.

  • Fiona Duncan 4:34pm 16th November 2015

    So pleased you enjoyed the experience and my review encouraged you to book Gemma!