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This year I decided to reconnect with a favourite of mine that I have been doing for years but somehow lost along the way – yoga.

Debs O’Brien runs a fantastically different kind of class based in Nottingham- specifically at the recently renovated Scene Studios on Woodborough road in Mapperely, which happens to be local to me.

Why is Debs’ class different?  Well because she has cleverly packaged it up to include one and a half hours of yoga, half an hour meditation followed by a delicious vegan brunch.

Firstly lets discuss the venue- what a place, the space is open, light and fresh, the perfect studio space for what Debs looks to achieve with her class, the walls are white and the ceilings are high, as you lay on your back staring up through the Velux windows, gazing at the clouds moving across the sky, it really is the ideal setting for rediscovering yourself and allowing yourself to wind down from the world for a couple of hours.

Debs is an extremely personable, friendly individual, welcoming all levels along to her class, she clearly explains everything as she goes along and her instruction is clear and concise, making it easy to follow.  Often we focus on breathing techniques, many of which I had never done before- easy and achievable in my own time too, though some I would only attempt in the confines of my own home in private, such as ‘the lions breath’ which is not altogether the most flattering of techniques!

Mats and yoga bricks are provided- all very new looking and on my first visit Debs also left a scroll tied with ribbon with a lovely message of positivity on my yoga brick, along with a little gift of raw chocolate- delicious!  This was not just a one off either, as at every class I have visited so far there is always a little gift waiting – healthy teabags/skin cream etc… and we are always encouraged to write ourselves positive affirmations before the class as something to focus on in our minds whilst we are stretching and meditating.

The class is for all levels and we are not pushed passed our abilities, but encouraged to do what we can and though I class myself as an intermediate level I have really come on in my flexibilities and expanded my knowledge of yoga poses, to the point where I can remember some of the routines and moves such as the salute to the sun, child’s pose, tree, table, dolphin, downward facing dog, plank etc.. which I can do at home in my own time.

After our yoga session, we then put on our socks, hoodies and wrap up in a blanket on our mats on our backs and take part in a meditation session for half an hour to wind down from the intense yoga session and to reset our minds ready for the day ahead.

Music is played throughout the whole yoga and meditation session and is changed intermittently depending on what we are doing at the time.

After the session we then move into the kitchen/dining area of the studios where a delicious vegan brunch awaits us, consisting of overnight oats with banana, blueberries and honey served in delightful jars, sourdough bread for toasting with homemade jams and almond butter, a fruit platter, crudités with dip and often we are treated to a homemade cake of some kind- such as gluten and sugar free banana bread or date and walnut loaf.

Herbal teas, fruit infused water and fresh juices are also available and on occasion a kombucha (a fermented, lightly effervescent black tea) by Love Probiotic is on offer.

Do yoga is not just about yoga it is a full experience which is as social as you want it to be – everyone is so friendly and with the class only taking place once a month it is both affordable at £30 per session or £25 if you bring a friend and certainly one I look forward to and diarise well ahead.

Thank you Debs see you next year for more Do Yoga!



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