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Recently I entered into a whole new world of unfamiliarity – the world of HD Brows.

Olivia Walton of theilounge based at the recently refurbished, city central salon, Beauty Temple is where we met – at their re-launch actually and that’s where my HD journey begins…

I have of course heard of  HD brows before- they really are on trend right now and are popular with celebrities as a way of giving that tidy, polished look , without them having to maintain them constantly themselves, keeping those pesky hairs in place.

I was a little apprehensive as I was entering into the unknown, this being my very first HD experience, however I was put at ease instantly by the lovely Olivia who offered me a drink on arrival- I opted for the healthy option, Matcha green tea- powerful stuff.

I completed a consultation card and proudly show Olivia the skin test patch on my arm, I had been wearing for the last forty eight hours (a safety precaution to ensure you are not allergic to the product), Olivia takes great care and caution with this, as of course you can’t take any risks with the eye area.

I was then taken over to her concession area, sat in one of the most comfortable chairs ever, laid back and talked through the process.  Olivia asked what I’d like to achieve with my brows and I said I’d like them to still look natural but neat and I didn’t mind going a little darker.  My concern was that as I have fairly light hair I didn’t want to look like Rita Ora and she showed me a few pictures, so that I could choose my favourite to base them on.

My eyebrows were cleaned for preparation and the tint was blended to my personal specification and applied.  They were then shaped, by measuring with a piece of cotton the exact start and finish lines from the bridge of my nose outwards.

A series of trimming, plucking, waxing and threading then took place and I could tell that Olivia was a perfectionist, spending a good amount of time making sure her work was well- perfect- she called this section of the treatment ‘tailoring’.

The final stage was a personal customised aftercare talk through and it turned out I was lucky not to really need any products to maintain my eyebrows, as they are apparently a really good natural shape and colour anyway and therefore my HD session was merely to enhance them and ensure they look at their absolute best at all times- making it low maintenance for me – no more plucking myself and making a mistake and having to fill in the gap with pencil!

I felt very relaxed through the whole process with theilounge and enjoyed the experience – it’s always nice to be pampered and come away feeling like you look better than when you went in.

I’d highly recommend Olivia at theilounge and will most certainly be keeping up my HD Brows from now on.

Fiona Duncan, RSViP




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