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I was recently invited to an RSViP event held at the Galleries of justice. For those not aware of RSViP it is a networking group run by the talented Fiona Duncan that provides a semi-social environment for Nottingham businesses, holding a themed event on a monthly basis.  Hence, whilst pretending to be a business man of ill repute, the promise of copious amounts of booze in a friendly atmosphere, whilst having a captive audience to talk at, proved to be a very attractive proposition. 

At the RSViP event I made the acquaintance of one Ben North, from Sushi Night Fever, who had laid on a demonstration of the Sushi maker’s art, and provided huge amounts of samples.  Now, I am no expert on Sushi, but to paraphrase some sort of grotesque northern comedian – “I don’t know much about fish but I know what I like……”  And I can categorically state that as far as Ben’s sushi is concerned I liked it a great deal.

The full list of sushi sampled is too long to list, but amongst the sushi on offer were prepared platters consisting of Hosomaki (small rolls with one filling only), Uramki (inside out rolls) and Nigiri (rice ball with the fish on top). Thus the Hosomaki comprised of items stuffed with cucumber, avocado, avocado and ginger, tuna, salmon and mango; the Uramki consisted of Salmon and avocado (the classic combo I am reliably informed), salmon, cream cheese, chive and cucumber – which is amusingly also known as the Philadelphia roll. The Nigiri consisted of salmon, tuna and mango.

Now Ben didn’t just prepare these wonderful dishes but also ran a workshop which allowed people to make their own!  The honest coward in me must admit I didn’t actually participate here (too much booze and wonderful food to eat) but Ben showed the wiling volunteers how to roll Hosomaki, Uramki and Temaki. Those who did have a go (unlike foresaid coward) seemed to have a great time.

What’s interesting about Sushi Night Fever however is that Ben’s business is not as a restaurateur in the traditional sense. What he actually does is come out to your house and “cook” a dinner party; this can also include making your own sushi under his expert guidance. So, basically what you get is Ben’s expertise (he also sources and prepares all the ingredients from local and sustainable sources), in the comfort of your own home  for a truly different evening.

From my limited experience of Japanese cuisine I must admit I am a fan of sushi, and of Ben North.  I enjoyed the sushi a great deal, as well as watching the faces of those brave souls who gave making their own light up in a mixture of horror, fascination and delight.  If you fancy something different for a dinner party in your own home, or need an event catered for, give Ben a go. 

Many thanks to Fiona and RSViP for introducing me to Ben; if you are after an evening  business networking event  in a relaxed (i.e. alcohol flowing) environment then give RSViP a go as well.

Sushi Night Fever:


Written by: Roger Murrow



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