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I’m just going to say it; the cocktails at Turtle Bay are AMAZING, they are not only delicious, but the adventurous menu excites and delivers every time…

My eyes were immediately drawn to the ‘Bahama Mama’ – admittedly one of the sweetest tasting cocktails on the menu and also most delicious, but then I haven’t quite made my way through the entire list yet, so there’s still time for me to find a few more that hit the spot on my next visit!

One thing you notice upon entering this Caribbean inspired restaurant is the electric atmosphere and bustle of people seated in both the bar area and restaurant, eating and drinking their way through the authentic West Indian menu.


The bar area is like something from the tropics, with cocktails being mixed at all times and reggae music being played across the venue, it’s impossible to keep your feet still.

The staff were extremely polite and tentative- a good and regular training system is clearly in place and they didn’t keep us waiting but a minute before offering us menus and drinks.

The cocktails were shaken and stirred in record time and our Bahama Mama’s were set in front of us- a colourful array of sweetness made with Koko Kanu rum- something I’ve recently discovered, banana liquor, pineapple juice, pomegranate syrup and bitters.

The menu is pretty vast with a good variety on offer and so to begin we opted for the Stuffed pepper roti and Duck rolls.  A bite sized portion, for me with the roti, which were oven baked and stuffed with shredded carrot, spiced potatoes with onion and served with a scotch bonnet and herb mayo- extremely tasty and just enough not to fill me before my main course arrived.   The duck rolls were rather a generous size, slow roasted with sweet onion, soy sauce and chilli, stuffed in a toasted rolled flatbread and served with sour orange chutney- these went down very well.

Main courses on offer were a selection of burgers, salads and of course the famous Jerk Pitt BBQ featuring all things traditionally West Indian such as Jerk chicken, Caribbean fish, and curry goat to name a few and spice and /or herbs on pretty much everything  is the norm at Turtle Bay, with flavours being at the heart of their dishes.

I opted for a Avocado, butternut squash and mango salad with smoked goats cheese being vegetarian and my dining partner went for the Jerk Lamb Rump which was served with Caribbean slaw, sweet potato mash, green seasoning, sweet onion chutney and a jerk pineapple glaze, served medium.  If that wasn’t enough, the side dishes were too tempting to refuse, so we opted to also try the Cheesy jerk fries and a portion of Festival dumplings- just how my grandma used to make them (and yes she was Jamaican).


Dessert for us looked like Banana and toffee cheesecake and Fresh BBQ pineapple which was caramelised, grilled and served with caramel sauce and coconut ice cream- a true taste of the Caribbean right?  The cheesecake was a good sized portion sadly I was unable to finish, but delicious all the same.

Turtle Bay is a popular restaurant and prides itself for its good quality authentic food, buzzing atmosphere and top notch service and I wouldn’t argue with that.

Fiona Duncan, RSViP


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