10 tips to ensure a results driven and cost effective marketing plan


A carefully constructed and targeted marketing plan will always ensure a stream of results regardless of what type of company or business you have. Modern technology has given companies all over the world the opportunity to tap in to cost effectiv...

A carefully constructed and targeted marketing plan will always ensure a stream of results regardless of what type of company or business you have. Modern technology has given companies all over the world the opportunity to tap in to cost effective marketing, here are our top ten tips for ensuring maximum impact with minimum cost.

  1. Strategy

The first stage when starting on a marketing plan is to think about the strategy, this will enable all the ideas and research that you have done to be put in to a comprehensive plan. A strategy can be written in many formats for example as a design and PR agency we like to create strategies based on time lines, diagrams and seasonal events. We also plan what methods we will be using e.g. e-newsletters, mail outs, brochures, PR, advertising. Each of these methods will contain industry specific messages which will connect with the target audience.

  1. Aims and goals

Before you start on your strategy one of the first questions you need to ask is what are the main objects you need to achieve through marketing and what type of results are you looking for? Here at CLIP our objectives include reminding our past, current and future clients of our services. To gain brand awareness and to transmit the right messages over and over again.

  1. Market research

Researching should also be at the top of the list when it comes to putting together marketing plans, researching your competitors is essential as you need to set a standard. Researching your clients industry is also just as important as this will give you inspiration for ideas and content.

  1. Listen

This is one the most underrated skills, listen to your staff and listen to your clients to find out why they work with you and what your company’s unique selling points are. For example we regularly ask our clients and suppliers to give us testimonials for our design, branding, printing or PR work. This always ensures we know what makes us unique and allows us to market ourselves appropriately.

  1. Team work

Delegating marketing to your team can be very fruitful; it allows different perspectives and can create dynamic content. At Clip we make sure different team members blog about their different skills. For example one week our designers will blog about art trends followed by our photographer blogging about his latest shoot.

  1. Online marketing

Online marketing encapsulates a variety of things from e newsletters, online articles or e-zines, to online PR. Online marketing not only helps create awareness but will also help with SEO and search rankings and if done regularly it can be incredibly effective.

  1. Social media and Blogging

Many clients and consumers spend a lot of time on twitter and Facebook so it is vitally important not to overlook social media for your brand and business.  For example at Clip we use Facebook to grow our community, by displaying our latest campaigns, inspiration and staff achievements. Twitter is a faster and efficient way of creating brand, customer and client loyalty as well as allowing the sharing of information. Blogging allows your website to stay fresh and at Clip we update ours on a weekly basis. Blogging is also a great way of showcasing work, sharing information and displaying talent whilst helping the SEO of your website.

  1. Seasonal

Incorporating seasonal events and festivities is another useful way of keeping content fresh and your marketing consistent. For example at Clip majority of our clients are food related therefore we ensure we take advantage of events like National Vegetarian Week, British Food Fortnight as well as Halloween and Christmas. All of our marketing literature and parts of our website use colours, typography and images which will appeal to the food and drink sector.

  1. Offers and promotions

Offers, promotions and discounts are a great way of encouraging interaction with your target audience; it can create loyalty and can increase referrals and new customers.

  1. Share your knowledge

Giving something for nothing is often a brilliant way of creating brand exposure and brand loyalty. For example at Clip we regularly give presentations and speeches on industry skills and we regularly write blogs like this - giving away free advice!


When it comes to cost effective marketing it is important to note that cutting corners does not enable fruitful outcomes. However spending time to understand the different options mentioned above and finding out what suits your business and target audiences will definitely provide successful results.

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