3 Top Tips for A Successful Social Media Business Plan


‘If you don’t know where you are going, you will probably end up somewhere else’ – Laurence Peters Just as it is in life, the same can be said for social media! If you don’t know where you’re going with it, the likeliho...

‘If you don’t know where you are going, you will probably end up somewhere else’ – Laurence Peters

Just as it is in life, the same can be said for social media!

If you don’t know where you’re going with it, the likelihood is, you will end up somewhere else!

You must be resolute, planned and have a clear social media business plan in place to be successful!

A strategy that is unique to your own business will help you to achieve you own business goals.

No two businesses are the same, no two social media strategies should be the same.

There’s so much information available to you, about how to create the perfect social media strategy, where do you begin?

If you are looking after your own social media strategy and not outsourcing to a professional agency, then here are 3 TOP TOPS to get you started!

Get To Know Your Audience

Before you jump onto Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or Instagram, get yourself super focused on your audience.

If you are already using these platforms, then this is a great time to take a look at your existing audience.

Who is your target market? Understand your target markets different areas of expertise, what they are talking about online and think about how you can use content to make a connection.

Appealing to their individual interests is more likely to grow and online relationship with them far more than continuously promoting your services to them. The ideal split for a successful social media strategy is 80% engaging and interesting/appealing content and 20% specific promotional content that relates to your brand. If you are heading in the opposite direction, it’s time to pop the balance back on those scales and become less sales targeted and more interested in the people that you are connecting with.

A social media sale is a much longer process than a sale you may make directly through your website or through more traditional digital marketing methods such as Google AdWords. Trust the process of social media, yes, it takes time, but it establishes long lasting client relationships and a fantastic recommendation network if it’s utilised properly!

I would also highly recommend that you do an online audit of your competition to see how (or if) they’ve reached your target audience and where opportunities still lie.

The key here is to cater your content to the specific needs of your audience.

Stop trying to be everything to everyone and blanket approaching is a big no no! Focus your efforts for maximum results.

Be a Valuable Resource

It’s in giving that we become successful on social….

If you want to become a valuable resource to your community you need to share relevant, thoughtful, interesting and educational content  and share it regularly so that your audience becomes familiar with the fact that you will be sharing great content with them on a daily basis!

Post articles that are related to your industry (this does not mean promotional business messages), it simply means content that is interesting from business genre.

Some great business related websites to begin this process are:






These websites are a tiny proportion of the many websites on the web with great shareable content! But, Rome wasn’t built in a day, so these are a great starting point to begin gathering content.

Through researching and reading, you will also increase your knowledge and understanding of multiple industries, a great starting point to begin a conversation when that face- to face meeting finally takes place!

In essence, the best way to succeed socially is to become a giver. This is the best way to establish thought leadership and position yourself as an expert within you field of expertise!

4. Listen, Listen, Listen

While social media is a fantastic tool for business communication, it is also an extremely helpful listening tool.

Are you taking the time to listen to what people are asking about? What their needs are? Is someone asking a question on social about something you are an expert in? Why not give them an answer? Providing value and useful information are a guaranteed way to strike up a conversation about something that you are great at doing. Help to fulfill the needs of your social following with great content, dedicated time, great feedback and compassion.

Really ‘Listen’ to what’s being said. It’s no different to understanding client need in a face to face meeting. In fact, you may get to understand more information before that face to face meeting takes place, making it easier to connect when it finally happens. You will be more equipped with knowledge about your potential prospect, so keep those ears open…you never know where it will lead!



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