Less Obvious Reasons to Setup a Website


Less Obvious Reasons to Setup a Website Beyo...

Less Obvious Reasons to Setup a Website

Beyond the most common uses like company websites, blogs, online shops and message boards, there are a bunch of other reasons to set up a website that you might not have thought of.

Websites don’t have to be big fancy undertakings – now it’s easier than ever for you to set up your own website for almost any reason you can think of. Here is a bit of inspiration to get you started.


Wedding Websites

Many people are now setting up a website for their wedding as it is a simple way of getting information out to guests in a way that should be accessible to pretty much everyone.

People can RSVP through the website, you can display important information such as the schedule and locations, menu and even set up a small forum for people to arrange shared lifts and accommodation. May as well get your wish list on there too.

Then after the date is over, have a page where people can submit the pictures they took. It will turn out a lot easier than trawling through 100 guests Facebook photos.

Community Websites

Weather it’s the local food bank or a belly-dancing group, many community projects have Facebook groups.

However a website can offer increased functionality and security. There is a lot more flexibility with the content hosted on a website as it can be organised into galleries and pages, rather than just being sorted by date posted.

A forum on the website is easier to moderate than a Facebook group and allows for clearer conversation between members.

It is also a lot easier to promote a website as it is accessible by everyone, rather than limited only to people on Facebook.

School Project

Building a simple website is can be a lot of fun for a child and if you don’t know how to do it yourself, there are plenty of guides online where you could learn the basics together.

It is also an extremely useful skill to learn, not to mention being a creative way to showcase their next school project.

You just have time to kill

Some people just have too much time on their hands so set up websites that serve no other purpose than to entertain themselves.

Case in point – http://theuglydance.com/


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