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by fiona duncan

Arbonne Makeup


Arbonne Makeup


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Lucy Tregear, an Arbonne representative and new member of RSViP recently offered  me a makeover using their fantastic make up range, so off I went to one of their stockists -The Park Clinic, Nottingham…

Lucy is most certainly suited to this industry being beautiful herself she is a great advert for the brand and has a very calming nature which instantly makes you feel comfortable. I was given a full makeover which started with a facial cleanse to remove any impurities and dirt picked up during my day - Smoothing facial cleanser £32, I was then spritzed with the most brilliantly refreshing toner - Regenerating toner £28, I then had an Intensive renewal serum £46 massaged into my face followed by Corrective eye cream £44 and Restorative day cream with SPF20 £40 which really absorbed into my skin and instantly made me feel brighter and more awake.

It was then time to apply my make-up starting with one of my most favourite items - Make up primer £26, followed by the Perfecting liquid foundation with SPF15 in shade honey beige £31 which matched my skin tone perfectly and gave me an instant glow.   My eye bags were then covered with Creme concealer in shade medium £18 – a must have product for all hard working ladies! My face was then lightly brushed with FC5 mattifying powder £19 and my cheeks, forehead & chin then given the once over with Bronzer £21 / PC £16.80, subtle eye shadow was added in shades sand & smoke £14 eachand finally Lipstick in the shade of coral reef £18 finished off the look beautifully.  

The key things about Arbonne & why it is so different is that their motto is 'pure, safe and beneficial' meaning that they are committed to developing products free from harmful chemicals based on botanical principles, which to me-being a vegetarian and an animal lover is an extremely important factor when purchasing skincare and make-up brands. Arbonne is not available in shops but instead via network marketing and as such save on advertising costs, enabling the price point to be similar to that of more comparative brands such as Clinique and Clarins.

Lucy is offering RSViP members a FREE consultation + FREE 3 day product trial. You can also opt  to become a ‘Preferred Client’ at a cost of £15 for the year which then gives you 20% discount off all product orders thereafter and orders over £115 will also receive a free product.

Fiona Duncan, RSViP  

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