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Ark Age Aware Skincare


Ark Age Aware Skincare


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A skincare range I have never previously come across is Ark Age Aware Skincare and I recently had the pleasure of being introduced to its range of luxury products by skin care specialist Michele Hill. Michele got in touch to offer me and some guests of my choice a complimentary facial as part of a ‘Pamper & Prosecco Party’ at my own home- How could I refuse?!

After cracking open the bottle of Prosecco (naturally) with the assistance of my mum and sister, Michele gave us fluffy robes to wear to encourage us to relax after a busy day at work and very clearly explained each step as she began working on my face… Each range is aimed at a specific age group and I fell under the ‘Age Maintain’ for 30+. Michele began by cleansing my face with Remove Pre- Skin Cleanse (£24.00) which by the way is recommended by the Daily Express, to rid me of the daily grime and this had a lovely, fresh fruity smell that immediately made me feel fresh as a daisy.  Michele then made doubly sure my skin was as clean as a whistle by cleansing my skin with Age Maintain Conditioning Cleanser (£23.00) and went on to apply the Age Maintain Soothing Masque (£27.00), this was one of my favourite products, due to the instant glorious smell that came from the silky masque, which was left on for 10 minutes to really absorb into my skin and give me a the glowing results it did. Michele told me to look in the mirror once it was removed to see the difference and there really was one, in that my skin had a lovely radiant glow and felt very soft.

Next was the toner, which I use as part of my daily routine and is one of my favourites, as it just wakes you up and makes you feel so refreshed and clean.  Hydrating Toner (£20.00) most certainly did this with the help of the wild water mint and Aloe Vera, leaving me feeling cool and calm. Age Maintain Replenishing Moisturiser (£27.00) was then mixed in with Hydrating Serum (£39.00) which is also recommended by Tatler Magazine, and this really did cocoon my skin in a veil of hydration and as my skin is often more on the normal to dry side was perfect for me. Finally for the Pièce de résistance the Anti –Wrinkle Eye Cream (£35.00) and Plumping Lip Balm (£26.00) were applied- the eye cream specifically generated to target dark circles and puffy eyes, of which I have both of most of the time and try to do well to hide!

Overall I was very impressed with the Ark Age Aware Skincare range, so much so that I did purchase the Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream as a little treat, in the hope that after some continued dedication, I will finally rid of my dark circles and Sainsbury’s sized bags.

Thanks a bunch Michele! Michele is offering all RSViP Members a complimentary Facial & lash tint upon request- CONTACT HER TO ARRANGE: Michele Hill- Ark Aware Skincare Specialist- / 07557 749 453.          

Fiona Duncan   

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