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by fiona duncan

Brewhouse & Kitchen – New Menu


Brewhouse & Kitchen – New Menu


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Brewhouse and Kitchen recently opened in Nottingham in the popular West Bridgford area located directly on Trent Bridge over looking the river Trent, so the perfect location for drinks in Summer with a view, local to the vibrant centre of Bridgford and near all of the important sports clubs, therefore catching a nice diverse demographic.

I visited with view to sampling the newly launched menu on a Saturday and the atmosphere was better than expected with people enjoying lunch inside and out, drinks on the terrace in the sun and a few even taking part in the beer and gin masterclasses.


The drinks list is vast, because Brewhouse and Kitchen true to their name brew their own beer in-house!  What’s more they host regular beer experience days and events surrounding this very idea- great for corporate away days and group celebrations or just joining in as an individual if you’re into beer!  I myself have never really drank beer, its never been my go to drink of choice, however always open to tying new things, I decided as they specialise in it, it would be rude not to sample the goods and I’m so pleased I did because…well I now realise that I like the taste of beer!  Well at least some and if you like me don’t think beer is for you, then I urge you first to try their beer tasting sessions, as there are so many favours to choose from that you are guaranteed to find at least one you really enjoy.  Much like wine tasting you are looking at colour, body, and flavours – each ale has its own combination of flavours; some more full-bodied others lighter and it was the light ales I personally preferred one in particular made with tropical flavours of pineapple and mango- I don’t think you can go wrong with a fruity beer if you are not a regular beer drinker.  My dining partner on the other hand is a Guinness drinker and so really enjoyed the stout as her top choice and this one was a chocolate stout which I found had coffee notes in it too.  Anyway, enough about the beer, the food was impressive and the menu pretty huge.  You can opt for the usual starter/main course and dessert options if you wish with lots of varied choice and vegetarian options.  There is also a burger and sandwich section and many of the dishes are cooked in their own beer- nice touch.  Alternatively you can go for the small plates which are on offer at £14.95 for three plates.  This was the route we took and simply asked for a selection of six vegetarian dishes - tapas style for us to feast on.  I love this style of eating because it then allows you to try a little bit of everything and is a much more social way of dining.

With the six beer samples and the six small plates, we did have to overflow onto the next table but it was fine as it was available and allowed us more room comfortably to dine, but nothing went to waste, we managed to make our way through loaded nachos (served with guacamole, sour cream and salsa, jalapenos a oh and of course just the right amount of melted cheese), aubergine baked in Japanese miso  with chilli, coriander, spring onion and sesame – the flavours on this dish were astounding.  The mac n cheese melts- a firm favourite with me and the sweet chilli sauce accompanied the bites really nicely, blistered padron peppers with sea salt and loaded quesadilla with more melted cheese, sautéed mushrooms, onions and peppers served with a cool tomato and coriander salsa- again really tasty and just the right size.  Finally, the showstopper of the veggie small plates (other than the aubergine) had to be the baked camembert with honey and almonds served with crostini’s- beautiful.

This selection would be for those who enjoy a selection of vegetables, fresh herbs, a kick of spice and lots of cheese where appropriate!  For the non-vegetarian diners and lovers of meat and fish there are plenty of option such as pork belly burnt ends, mussels cooked in a rich wheat beer sauce made in-house using of course their own beer, as well as ribs and chicken satay.

For dessert we opted to share a sticky toffee pudding with custard which contained a good amount of fresh ginger and looked very pretty in the bowl.

All in all my lunchtime dining experience with Brewhouse and Kitchen Nottingham was a ten out of ten for service-thanks to Kitty who looked after us very attentively, the food quality and amount, value for money and the beer tasting just added to the whole enjoyable experience and I look forward to returning very soon.


Fiona Duncan-Steer

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