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by fiona duncan

Microdermabrasion with Park Beauty Laser Clinic


Microdermabrasion with Park Beauty Laser Clinic


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I was invited to try Microdermabrasion with the lovely April from Park Beauty Laser Clinic, based in the Clinic on Regent Street, The Park, Nottingham, having tried it once before years ago when I was in my twenties, I was looking forward to trying it again now I am in my thirties, to see if I noticed a difference from the first time round, now that my skin is just that bit older & tired!

April welcomed me in reception and invited me upstairs to her clinic, where she showed me the facilities and asked me to take a seat, where we went through a mini consultation and she asked me questions such as my skin type, if I had any problem areas and what my skincare regime was on a day to day basis. I was then asked to hop onto the couch and make myself comfortable where April explained the procedure taken with Microdermabrasion and what to expect…I was made aware that it was not going to necessarily be a ‘relaxing’ and ‘therapeutic’ treatment, as it is a more clinical treatment, so I prepared myself for a bit of pain however I was pleasantly surprised… My skin was prepared with a Daily Enzyme Cleanser by Dermaquest, to wash away the day’s impurities, followed by a prep lotion, which did have quite a clinical smell – this was the last stage before the Microderm process began.  April then explained that I was going to feel a kind of sand paper type sensation on my face- slightly nerve-wracking and at first slightly uncomfortable, but I very quickly got used to the feeling and relaxed into it after the second layer over my face- April used circular movements concentrating on every area of my face and it really did feel like I was getting the most concentrated cleanse I have ever had! Microdermabrasion is a deep exfoliation procedure, which uses a highly controlled flow of fine medical grade carbon crystals to remove the dead outermost layer of the skin (the stratum corneum).

Exfoliating the skin in this way reveals new, living skin cells which are soft, smooth and receptive to nutrients - it will allow the products used in your daily skin care regime to work more effectively. Once the procedure had been completed (which all in all only took around 10 or 15 minutes), the remaining crystals were wiped from my face and a collagen stem cell complex mask was applied and left on for around 10 minutes to really soak in and I could relax. April then removed the mask with warm water and finished the treatment by adding a serum and SPF moisturiser to leave me feeling thoroughly cleansed.

I then had a glass of water to rehydrate before leaving feeling that although a little red, my skin was really going to benefit from such a deep cleanse and exfoliation.  As my treatment was done in the early evening I was able to go home and relax and I most certainly felt the results the following morning, when I awoke to apply my daily moisturiser, my skin had not felt that soft in a long time! 

My makeup also went on so much smoother- I would certainly recommend a microdermabrasion treatment if you just feel that regular cleansing and toning is not quite doing it for you- this really will make you feel like you can ‘start again’ with your skin and give you that great foundation to build upon- it is recommended that a course of three is booked at a time and Park Beauty Laser Clinic offer a special package deal for this priced at £150 if booked and repaid- otherwise each session is priced at £60, with at least one month between sessions.

I will most certainly be going back for my next session later on this month- thank you April! Park Beauty Laser Clinic, April Simpson- 0115 943 79 62 –

Fiona Duncan, RSViP        


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