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by fiona duncan

The Decleor Way with Penelope Page Beauty


The Decleor Way with Penelope Page Beauty


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Penelope Page is based on Queens Road, Beeston, in her ‘home salon’ and when I was invited to sample the new Decleor Oressence Energy treatment…

well how could I say no? With over 12 years experience in the beauty industry, Penny has set up a beautiful room in her home to offer makeup, beauty and holistic treatments to all and when I say ‘home salon’, this is not what you would imagine- a huge room full of character with high ceilings, rustic wooden floor, dimmed lighting, candles everywhere, various stations for different treatments and the sounds of birds and waves. The new treatment offers the ultimate attention to your face and body with a full body massage, finishing with a full facial along with hand and arm massage.

Once I had completed a short questionnaire to determine my current state of mind, Penny was then clear on which aromatherapy oils to go with- mine were to relax and calm- go figure! The products were most definitely something that are noticed throughout the treatment, in that so many are used in different ways and on different areas.  The massage concentrated on legs, back, shoulders, neck and arms with a good amount of time spent on each area and Penny threw in some ‘massage moves’ I had not come across before, which she later explained were her bespoke way of massaging that she developed over the years after trying and testing different techniques. Facial Penny started with the Aroma Cleanse Essential Cleaning Milk to clear away impurities, then moved on to the Tonifying lotion which had a very a fresh feel to it. 

Onto the Phytopeel Exfoliation which felt slightly grainy and then to the Arromessence Neroli and Essential Balm, all the while lovely smells swirling around my head, sending me in to a trance. A Hydra Floral Mask was applied to my face which felt like a thin, refreshing mask, smelling of a meadow of poppies or such-like, followed by the Multivitamin Aromaplasty Mask which had a much thicker consistency, was applied using a spatula and smelt just like Weetabix!  What was interesting was the muslin cloth mask that was gently placed over my face in –between each mask application and then so easily peeled off at the end of the 10 minutes it was left to work its magic.

What I did very much enjoy was the facial massage which concentrated on pressure points in different areas which eventually did, at one point send me to the land of nod. The full treatment time is 1 hour 40 minutes, so a good length of time to ensure you are fully relaxed and it is well worth the price of just £55 throughout June and July- saving £15 from the normal price.

Penelope Page Beauty also offers RSViP members 10% off all other treatments, 20% off all other Decleor facials & 15% off eyelash extensions.

Fiona Duncan, RSViP      


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