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by fiona duncan

The Fires Stoked At Oaks Nottingham


The Fires Stoked At Oaks Nottingham


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Oaks Nottingham is a brand new concept to central Nottingham, serving simple, locally produced meats and sausages cooked over wood embers...

The logs for the custom built grill are the natural by-product of sustainable coppicing by the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust..even the ice cream is sourced from Derbyshire.... Straight away I have to give this restaurant a ten out of ten, as quite frankly they could do no wrong- friendly service, beautiful rustic surroundings and top notch food. To start we chose the Quail Scotch Eggs and Baked Lincolnshire Poacher Cheese with Sour Dough Toast- two small scotch eggs sliced in half were just enough for one - crunchy outer shell and perfectly cooked eggs in the middle and the light toast dipped into the baked cheese was certainly one of the highlights for me. Next came the one dish you must all try on the menu- the 10oz Porterhouse Steak- perfectly grilled on the wood embers blazes the way to tender, juicy beef with just a hint of smoke- really makes all the difference with this dish, served with a side portion of well seasoned Skin On Chips.

Naturally I went for one of the two vegetarian options- the Stuffed Pimento Pepper, which arrived on a beautiful wooden board, served with rocket- the good sized pepper was stuffed with couscous, aubergine and goats cheese and was very tasty indeed.  A portion of Truffle Mash also accompanied the dish as a side order and is most certainly recommended. Dessert consisted of a portion of the famous deep fried doughnuts containing Masala cream and a hint of vodka- take a big bite out of one and will be certainly notice the alcohol! The Apple Tart Tatin, with Toffee Apple Ice Cream topped an excellent meal off perfectly and was honestly one of the most delicious desserts I have ever had the pleasure of tasting- light and sweet  with the addition of the Bluebell Farm Ice cream (Sourced from Derbyshire)and a cheeky shot glass of full fat cream for pouring. The drinks menu is pretty extensive and contains some really interesting cocktails such as the unusual Midlands Spritz made with Noilly Prat, elderflower, mint and pale ale. We opted for a glass of Pink Bubbles and the Home-Made Lemonade which chef said was made with grenadine- beautiful.


The prices at Oaks are fair and allow you to 'mix and match' your dishes yourself,  by ordering your side potions and buns/Pretzel buns to your main courses separately, as they do not come altogether, making for an interesting dining experiance. I will be returning to Oaks again and very much look forward to it.

Fiona Duncan, RSViP

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