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The Rolls Royce of Office Chairs; The Humanscale Freedom


The Rolls Royce of Office Chairs; The Humanscale Freedom


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'The Freedom', designed by Niels Diffrient for Humanscale, really is the Rolls Royce of the ergonomic task chair world. (BIFMA Excellence rated, which is as highly certificated as you can get in ergonomics)...

Gema McKeown, owner of Connect Space, is an expert in the world of ergonomics and therefore has put her energy into offering suitable office furniture for the busy professional, combined with an all singing, all dancing MOT posture check, which allows her to assess and recommend the most appropriate office chair for you. After meeting Gema recently at one of our Network Social events, I enquired about her services, due to obtaining a bad back pretty much most days, following a day in the office- clearly my current office chair (an Ikea swivel bucket chair) was not doing the job and felt as though it was crushing my back into the worst posture possible, whilst hunched over my keyboard- I'm thirty three with osteoporosis in my family and this quite frankly scared me into the decision of investing into a decent office chair. I worked out that I had, had my Ikea office chair for around eight years and never made an adjustment to the height or angle- I just sat on it everyday whether it was comfortable to me or not- out of habit and this made me wonder how many other people 'fit into their chair' rather than 'making the chair fit them'.

Gema offered to come over to my office to give me a detailed posture MOT, looking at my current desk space, height, position and chair also... It turned out that working at a corner desk is probably the worst style desk space to have, as it encourages you to twist your body all day.  My chair was all wrong- basically my back was fitting into the curved bucket design of my chair and giving no support and the height of my keyboard, was well too high. This meant that my body was aligned wrong for long periods of time and therefore was encouraging repetitive strain injury. My new Humanscale Freedom chair was delivered and Gema adjusted it to suit my body frame. 

The unbelievable snake like design really is impressive and cleverly the design is based on the human spine/body, with a self locking recline mechanism which users the sitters body weight to perfectly adjust the tension and recline the position of the chair for full support throughout movement. The pivoting back rest automatically moves with the user throughout the day and offers lumber comfort in all positions and the headrest features a dynamic support that cradles the head and neck during recline, but remains neutral when in upright positions.

The height and angle of each component on the chair is adjusted to fit you, even the arm rests move easily, or can be moved completely out of the way to allow for freedom movement, ease and comfort. In a nutshell The Freedom chair is one of my most sensible investments and I can't recommend it enough, my back ache has now disappeared even after a full day of sitting in it at my desk and this is without making any further adjustments to my desk or keyboard height- this is my next job!

Gema McKeown of  Connect Space offers office visits and posture assessments as part of her service- Call to book: 0115 951 9516 

Fiona Duncan, RSViP


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