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by fiona duncan

The Royal Treatment at Nottingham's Beauty Temple


The Royal Treatment at Nottingham's Beauty Temple


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Nottingham's most forward thinking beauty salon is so much more than a salon, offering such an interesting variety of treatments and experiences to relax, revive, stimulate and pamper all the senses and since their recent refurbishment, it is clear to see this is the place to be....

My Friday couldn't have been wished away more, as I knew at 5pm I would be indulging in 'The Royal Service' courtesy of the amazing salon owner Lucy Goodwin, who kindly invited me to sample her new services. I was greeted by very friendly staff at the new swanky and curvaceous reception area, my coat taken and took a seat on the new crushed velvet sofa, to fill in my consultation card- very detailed questioning to ensure they know the reason you are there- erm to be pampered please! I was then asked to follow the lovely Katie up to the Royal suite- how exciting!

This was no ordinary treatment room- often clinical looking - no way, this was, well like a hotel suite, with a plush looking double bed , complete with pillows, seating, a sink and gold gilt mirrors and I couldn't help but notice the glittery painted walls. The treatment they had in store for me was the 'Fit For a Queen' package, followed by a 'Royal pedicure' with shellac polish. The fit for a queen started off with a foot ritual with a gold glitter champagne foot soak, (my feet were placed in a gold bowl), whilst in soak I was asked to choose which essential oil to have in the room oil burner and also the face hole of the couch, I opted for my favourite of the bunch - Rose essential oil.


I also had to choose my 'royal nibbles' to enjoy after my treatment from the royal nibbles and the champagne bar menu- I opted for a hot chocolate with cream and strawberry shortbread. The treatment  was one hundred minutes of bliss, technically called a 'Frangipani Wrap' and a 'Fit for a Queen' facial using elemis products- my favourite. The wrap consisted of warm oil drizzled on the body followed by a body balm, involving lots of wonderful smells from the products, various massage techniques to relax, finishing with the elemis facial. For this a rehydrating cleanser, toner, papaya enzyme peel as an exfoliator and exotic cream moisturizing mask were all used, finishing with frangipani oil in my hair and a scalp massage. Nice touches to this very original treatment, were the heated 'bed' (not couch), the pillow and room vaporiser with the rose scent I chose, which actually made me nod off a few times during the course of the treatment.

After one hundred minutes of heaven I had to bring myself round with a glass of water, before putting on my robe and going through to the relaxation room where my royal nibbles awaited me. Katie then took me downstairs for my 'Royal Pedicure'... Again a champagne soak was used on my feet which were placed in a gold sink with warm water and I chose a deep shellac raspberry colour for my toe nails, which were finished with a papaya cream foot massage, presented in a little gold bowl with a gold spoon - again the attention to detail was immaculate.

I honestly can not recommend beauty Temple enough for their innovative treatments, beautiful interior, attention to detail and friendly staff.  The prices are also really reasonable for the level of service offered and you certainly don't feel like you are in the city centre of Nottingham once you enter through those royal double doors.

I am counting down the days until my next treatment!  

Fiona Duncan, RSViP      

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