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by fiona duncan

Very Beautiful with Veri Luci


Very Beautiful with Veri Luci


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Air base makeup is the product that International make-up artist Lucy Faddoul specialises in and so when I was asked if I would like to try it out, of course I said yes! We waited to book my appointment for when I had a special event to attend, which happened to be a business dinner that Friday evening, so that I could show off my make-over and it was well worth the hour I spent with Lucy, who was extremely welcoming the moment I arrived at her salon -La Sante House- a family run business, where Lucy is based from in West Bridgford.

After asking the style of make-up I like to go for when going out for a special occasion, I replied that I liked smokey eyes, but the rest I was happy to leave to Lucy and so my face was cleansed and moisturised, with a primer added ready for Airbase. Airbase is a foundation using Airbrush application, that is used in HD TV and Photography to give that fresh & flawless image and what’s more Lucy explained that she offers workshops teaching you how to apply the Airbase yourself and the opportunity to purchase your own kit-how exciting! Before Airbase was applied Lucy worked on my eyes, giving me my Smokey effect using a mixture of Mac, Airbase and Arbonne products, applying lashes at the end- Lucy worked quickly but efficiently ensuring every area of my eye make-up was perfection, all whilst chit chatting away with me- very natural and a gold star for multi-tasking in such a way I didn’t even really notice what was going on.

My skin was then lightly covered in a very fine mist of the Airbase foundation product using a small spray gun, I could barely feel the application and once finished, I could barely feel as though I was wearing any make-up- very unusual as normal foundations applied from a bottle with a sponge or brush, tend to thicken quite quickly and you most definitely can tell that you are wearing it- with this not at all.

Finally it was the moment of truth- the reveal- Lucy held a mirror to me and I saw the finished result and what a result it was!  I was very happy with everything Lucy did, my eyes and skin looked amazing and flawless and I couldn’t wait to show it off at my dinner that evening. I would highly recommend Lucy for make-up artistry, Airbase application and workshops as she is extremely personable, makes you feel at ease and is very good at what she does.  Whether it is a natural day look or something a bit more glam for a special event, do contact Lucy for a consultation- I will most certainly be doing so again…

Thank you Lucy! Fiona Duncan, RSViP        

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