10 Steps To Success & Longevity in Business

As RSViP Business Networking Agency celebrate their tenth anniversary this month, Founder Fiona Duncan-Steer shares her views on what it takes to reach such an impressive milestone in business, reaching the success many hope for….

  1. Passion– Without it, what exactly are you doing it for, one of the main advantages of owning and running your own business is to explore, thrive and enjoy your chosen vocation in the industry you want to be in, so passion should naturally flow through everything you do and be the reason behind why you do what you do- Remember your ‘why’.
  2. Instinct– Follow it- always, because nine times out of ten it will be right.
  3. Hard Work and Determination– Sounds a cliché but in order to run a business, make it a success and to stay relevant for as long as possible, it takes pure hard work, which comes in many forms.  There will be knock backs and it will be a rollercoaster as they say, which is why determination to succeed is a must- Which leads on to my next point…
  4. Resilience- Over sensitivity and leading with too much emotion can be a catastrophe in business, yes stay true to yourself and your values, yes follow your instincts, but remain professional at all times, even when all you’d rather do is scream (unless you’re in the middle of a field then its fine!) and brush off that bad day because tomorrow is another chance to start again and another amazing opportunity to make it a game changer.
  5. Professionalism and Likeability –So many times I have come across people running businesses who basically don’t seem to have any kind of business acumen or professionalism, which dumbfounds me when they are representing their brand, service or product.  You are the window into your business and people buy people.  Find the perfect balance between professionalism and likeability and you’re 75% of the way there to a new client, contract or deal.
  6. Balance- Work /life balance is so important- We live in a society where it’s the trend to be so damn busy and is seen as a badge of honour if you haven’t managed to find the time for a holiday this year- well I’ve got news for you, you’re only harming yourself, take care of your mental health and well being, focus on good quality sleep, have a non- work related hobby to help re-set your brain, spend time with friends and family because life is too short not to and eat as clean as you can.
  7. Be Competitive– I have always had this streak in me and I guarantee this is how I have ended up running one of the leading business networks in my industry in the country.  Don’t let your competitors bother you enough to de-motivate you and cause  restless nights, but do keep an eye on them from a distance and stay not one, but ten steps ahead of them in every aspect you possibly can- meaning you need more than just one USP for your business- why not have two or three?  Don’t forget to also be competitive with yourself and set yourself goals, smash them, then set yourself the next one- Grow and diversify.
  8. Be Creative- Even if you’re not naturally, bring someone into the business who is.  Innovation in business is the key to developing new ideas, inventions and brands.  Think about it, there are still thousands if not millions of ideas, services, products and brands not yet event been launched, invented never mind thought of- mind blowing eh?  Spend time ‘brainstorming’ or ‘mind-mapping’ away from your desk and work environment.  My best ideas have come from country walks, sunbathing on holiday or somewhere else inspirational, where my mind is relaxed and I am at peace.                 
  9. Embrace Change – I’ve said it once so I’ll say it again- grow and diversify.  In a world of digital reliance and transparency, nothing much gets done these days without some kind of complex matrix system surrounding it, so we need to move with the times.   Be a risk taker ( to a certain extent) and dare to be different, these qualities also make for a great leader. 
  10. Never Become Complacent– A friend of mine and owner of a well respected, award winning restaurant, once told me to “never become complacent” and those words rung true.  Relating to embracing change, complacency in business is one of the deadliest of sins.  Market, PR and celebrate achievements in your line of work continually – never stand still and expect customers to keep coming through the door, go get em!

Fiona Duncan-Steer, RSViP

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