Book Launch Anything is possible

The gripping story of James Harris, following the journey of his life altering Traumatic Brain Injury, that ended his promising Military career and tells of his path to recovery in a journey of self discovery. When he was told by the medical world, that he would never read or write or even work again. Rather than accept this, he looked for an alternative path to walk and during this recovery, found out that true inspiration lies within. From that moment when his skull cracked off the concrete and his world went black and he though this is it “I am dying”. To the long journey of recovery which spans over 10 years of his life and realizing along the way, that truly Anything is Possible.

This emotional rollercoaster of James life events, shows how he managed (despite the odds), not only to rebuild his life. But to take it to all new levels, his post injury recovery state meant he had a very limited read and writing ability. So to go on to write, edit and publish this book, just goes to show that if you have self-belief you can achieve your dreams. From the self-testing of trekking to Everest base camp, not knowing what the altitude would do to his brain. To the emotional lows of losing a child, he has endured it all. This process has shown him that there is nothing in life’s challenges that cant be overcome.It is a very emotive journey, that with reflection has given him the ability now to hopefully inspire others.

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