Our dream team have been a collective for many years and are a friendly bunch!

Our goal is to make your networking experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible, so make sure you say hi to us at the next event and anything you need assistance with, we will be sure to do our best to help.

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With 15 years in the events industry and a background in theatre and the arts, Fiona’s passion lies in creating unique and enjoyable experiences through events, as well as having an interest in travel, yoga, hiking and animation.

Favourite Tipple: Prosecco 

Favourite biscuit: Ginger nut dunked in tea!

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0115 9417 548


Events Co-Ordinator

A huge fan of RSViP; Marianne originally joined us as a member under a previous company, later becoming part of our events team, Marianne has fast become a welcomed face at our events and loved by many for  her friendly,  personable approach and witty Irish banter!

Favourite Tipple: Champagne 

Favourite biscuit: Dark chocolate ginger 

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0115 9417 548


Events Co-Ordinator

Now into her fifth year with us, Nooria has a property background and enjoys the social aspect of our events, having become a familiar face with our members in the time she has been hosting for us. 

Favourite Tipple: Double shot Americano 

Favourite biscuit: Jaffa Cake (controversial)!

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0115 9417 548


Facilitator & Introducer

Our newest addition to our event management team, Bex’s experience lies in PR having worked for high profile brands such as Fortnum & Mason, Osprey and Tom Ford, Bex’s role with us is to ‘work the room’ and to facilitate connections of both our members and visitors, ensuring a relaxed and enjoyable experience; in particular for those who are visiting us for the first time and who may be apprehensive.

 Favourite Tipple: Sauvignon Blanc

Favourite biscuit: Classic- chocolate digestive  

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0115 9417 548



Originally a member of RSViP, Steve recently joined the team to capture our events through the lens.  Steve’s passion lies in cars and anything auto, more recently moving into the world of events, where you will now find him- camera in hand. 

Favourite tipple: Champagne  

Favourite biscuit: Jammie Dodgers  

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Todd Franklin


Todd has been a lover of film and video ever since he witnessed it as a child.  Todd has worked on a variety of projects including, 2 feature length films, a documentary, and many more short films and corporate videos. Todd’s passion in film and video and when your passion is your job, it’s hardly work, but he always work hard!

Favourite Biscuit: Love a Hobnob!

Favourite Tipple: Rhubarb and Ginger Gin with Elderflower Tonic & a slice of grapefruit and cucumber!!!! Dangerously tasty!

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01157 365 069

Julie Jones

Accounts Manager

Julie is the number cruncher of RSViP and a whizz with Xero, keeping us organised and on top of all things £

 Favourite tipple: Gin & tonic

Favourite biscuit: Chocolate ones!!

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0115 9417 548

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