Ayurvedic Massage & Wellness with Sunita Passi

Sunita Passi’s bio on her website reads; ‘Passionate specialist in Ayurvedic medicine, award-winning skincare entrepreneur, author and wellness visionary helping to empower healthier lives and shape an alternative future for healing and health.’

After meeting Sunita a few times and  experiencing one of her Ayurvedic treatments recently, I can certainly confirm that she is both passionate and knowledgeable about her chosen vocation and has created a fantastic business model, which encompasses all of her skills in both delivering treatments and training people how to deliver treatments through her brand Tri Dosha, as well as her second website promoting her wellness book – ‘The doctor won’t see you now’ and finally her third website, which promotes her newly rebranded range of natural skincare products- Neem- phew- Sunita is one busy lady!

I was invited to Sunita’s home salon in Mapperley, Nottingham for a full body Ayurvedic massage, which left me floating and fully relaxed.  The treatment began with a 121 consultation as I was asked to complete an extensive form about my health and life routines and patterns amongst other things, which helps you to discover your dosha- VATA (air), PITTA (fire) or KAPHA (earth).  I turned out to be quite a balance of all of them, however more swayed towards PITTA.  Cleverly there is an online quiz you can take on her website, which will help you to determine your dosha too, so well worth taking the test, so that you can then be prescribed what kind of treatment would be best for you moving forward. 

Specially herbal medicated natural oils are used within the massage and again are personalised dependent upon the person and which dosha you are. The style of massage also uses specialist techniques designed to loosen toxins and direct them towards the organs of elimination. This particular massage also enhances circulation, increases flexibility and relieves pain and stiffness.

Ayurveda works by assessing and treating the whole person, rather than just isolated symptoms, through a holistic toolkit of massage, yoga, meditation, nutrition and herbs.Embracing ayurvedic medicine and treatments can enhance relaxation, sharpen mental focus, help with grief, insomnia and other stressful life situations, change our eating habits for the better and much more.Sunita also runs yoga classes and more recently breath workshops within her studio, as well as offering 121 consultation, training and speaks at events and workshops- she has even given a TEDX Talk!

The natural skincare range named – Neem is sustainable and plant-based with products available for skin and hair of all types. Her bestsellers include a wildcrafted oil for hair, pure cleansing shampoo and bath and bodywash.

My favourite of her products is a delicious smelling face serum called ‘Happiness in a bottle’- a winner purely from the name alone!

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