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I’m so pleased to have recently discovered All You Yoga ran by Lee-ann Cordingley.

As a self-confessed, not by any means expert but enthusiastic yogi, I have practised yoga for many years- different types, different classes, different teachers and have enjoyed all experiences, as I find it really helps me to calm my mind and tones my body at the same time- win win!

Lee-ann invited me to one of her themed classes recently based at the John Godber Centre in Hucknall, Nottingham to try out her class- named Lunar Practise, a salutation to the moon as opposed to the sun, which is often a common practise in yoga.

My friend and I went along to the centre which has free parking after 6pm to the rear (very handy as the class starts at 8pm).  The class was full but with still ample space to swing your arms without knocking out your neighbour.  We were asked to bring our own mats which I own, however blocks and other equipment were provided.  Interestingly this was the first time I was asked to use a yoga strap for foot stretches, something that I found immensely satisfying and will buy for myself to continue at home in my own time.

Lee-ann started with a rather loud yoga chant to focus our attention.  Once the practise started, I noticed her very soothing, gentle voice as she explained the moves and each position very well, assisting where necessary.  She gave a very in-depth introduction into what we were to expect from the session and it actually went very quickly, as I must have been in the zone enjoying it all too much.  After our yoga practise we then went into our meditation section of the evening and were told we should put on any additional clothing such as our hoodies, socks etc and cover ourselves in our blankets if we had bought them with us (I had done, as this is one of my favourite parts of any yoga session!) we get to lie back on our mats, close our eyes, breathe deeply and relax…there have been classes I have attended in the past where at this point some folk in the class have actually fallen asleep- I know this because they let out a great big snort.

The meditation part of the program (or savasana) allows you to re-connect with your breathe, your body and yourself after working hard in your practise and positioning.  It is almost like a “well done you deserve this rest and recuperation now.” 

Following our savasana we were then offered the opportunity to write in our journals- a really lovely touch to end a yoga class and something I have not encountered before but really liked. Lee-ann provided us with our own booklets explaining a few main yoga poses, a few tips and techniques on healthy living and there was even space in the back to write about our positive intentions and to doodle and let our minds be free and wander.

That evening I slept like a baby having returned home for around 10pm, I climbed straight into bed in such a relaxed and content state I’m sure I fell asleep with a smile on my face 😊


More information on All You Yoga and the class timetable can be found on their website:  

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