Axe Throwing at Axed Global

The concept of axe throwing for fun is completely new to me, so when Axed Global arrived in Nottingham’s Cornerhouse, I had to go along and see what all the fuss was about…

A Tuesday night in November generally speaking would be a fairly mild night in for me, however I decided to take my team along for our Christmas do to try a spot of axe throwing and I have to say I enjoyed it far more than I expected to!

Brendan and his team gave us a warm welcome and took our drinks orders which were done online and brought to our table – there is a fully licensed bar, but also plenty of soft drink options and amazing milkshakes (the salted caramel one is especially good), as alcohol is not permitted prior or during the axe throwing for obvious reasons.  After the formalities of signing our life away on the waiver (joke) was out of the way, Brendan showed us to our lanes and gave us a demonstration of the various ways in which an axe can be thrown and I’ll be honest he made it look easy.  We were then taken through the options of games we could play with said axes on the Ipad, which included a relay race between lanes, battleship, highest score and noughts and crosses to name a few- all very cleverly set up to work well with -well, axe throwing. 

Once we had allocated teams (there were six of us on this occasion) spread over two lanes, we decided to go straight in there with the relay race and this ended up being by far our favourite game, fast paced and competitive- such fun!

The noughts and crosses and highest score games were also super fun and easy to use on the Ipad.  The question of how easy it was to throw an axe is I feel a matter of opinion as some of our team took to it very quickly and others not so much!  I personally found it very satisfying and almost in a strange way therapeutic – a great stress reliever all round was voiced by a few others and I took to it quite quickly and became rather competitive (not in my nature at all)!

Brendan came to check on us every so often and offered a few tips on technique to those struggling and post games we had a few photos armed with axes on the podium for the album.

All in all a visit to Axed Global a great way to spend a Tuesday, or any day for that matter, whether it is with friends, family or business colleagues, axe throwing is not only fun, but a great team building exercise and I think as we established-a great stress reliever!

The Sleepy Vegetarian

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