What Does Success Mean To You?

This month I have been celebrating fourteen years in business and as many do in conjunction with business anniversaries, I have been milking the occasion for all it is worth by running various campaigns and incentives to my audience…

Reaching this kind of milestone in business has also bought on feelings of reflection and gratitude.  Appreciation that after fourteen whole years my business RSViP is still standing, still going strong and still fulfilling me after all these years.

I have often been asked what my definition of success is and my response is this;

🔑 To wake up every day and look forward to what lies ahead.

🔑To feel true job satisfaction.

🔑To make a difference to others and to the world in some way.

🔑To be accountable for my own actions and to be able to choose who I surround myself with.

🔑To have creative freedom to design and build.

🔑To find the work life balance that suits me and those close to me.

🔑To appreciate and never take for granted the lifestyle my business has afforded me.

🔑To love what I do. Every. Single. Day.

The revenue is just a bi-product and I am in no doubt that if you prioritise all of the above then the money will come- look at tech giants such as Elon Musk who’s main objective was to solve a problem, explore and push boundaries and to turn what he loves into a business and in turn happened to become one of the richest people in the world in doing so.  Steve Jobs – another who’s creative urge led him to launch one of the largest brands in the world, which is still as popular today even after his death; his products making a huge impact and connecting people all over the world.

On a much smaller scale, I still do a little dance each time a new member joins my network, or an exciting enquiry turns into a training, speaking or coaching gig, as I have never allowed myself to become complacent in my business, always striving for growth and development- always looking to help others and make a positive impact in some way, however small.

The pandemic has definitely thrown my industry of events and training into chaos, but I, amongst many others have chosen to rise and overcome the challenges faced and so this month I celebrate the return of the events industry, I celebrate my business still going strong and I celebrate me, yes me- because if you don’t blow your own trumpet once in a while- who will?

Fiona Duncan-Steer, RSViP www.rsvipnetwork.co.uk  www.fionaduncansteer.com

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