Inspiration, Gratitude, Creativity…In That Order

The pandemic has encouraged many of us to go back to basics, reflect and reconnect with;

-What / who really matters
-What/who brings us joy
-What /who inspires us

Ask yourself, “what inspires, energises and excites me?”  Then do more of those things, it really is as simple as that.

For example, this past year has seen me get back into my reading – actual books.

In recent years I just haven’t had the head space to read, I found myself reading the same page over and over again with the words just not sinking in and so I stopped, knowing I’d one day come back to it when my mind was in the right place for it again.

Lockdown gave me back that head space to reconnect with reading and I can safely say I have never felt more creative and inspired to develop my learning and to share that knowledge with others through my training programs since.

Gratitude-practise, is another worthwhile element to integrate into your life and routine, though to some may seem like a waste of time, fluffy or ‘not your thing’ and that is fine, it is not for everyone, but what I would say is, find what works for you and make it your own, perhaps through journaling, reading positive affirmations or simply taking some time each day for you and your words of appreciation, whether in your head or out loud.

I am actually not a fan of the phrase ‘Gratitude practise’, the word ‘practise’ suggests that it is something you need to work on or that perhaps you are lacking.  I prefer to refer to it as ‘Gratitude acknowledgment’ or ‘Gratitude awareness’ as we are all grateful for some or a lot of things in our lives when we really think about it, it’s just that sometimes we forget to communicate those things to ourselves or to others and may need a little nudge or reminder to bring them to the surface again- especially when times are tough and we experience external distractions- which is most of the time!

As I always say, it starts with awareness.  Being aware of what you are grateful for on a regular basis (ideally daily), will fuel your motivation for success and happiness and you will find that your targets will be met with more ease and flow.

Furthermore, reconnecting with what inspires us in life will motivate positive change and growth.

Mastering your mindset takes time and being self-aware and kind to yourself is where it all starts.   Communicating those feelings to yourself and others is the next step and well… the creativity will take care of itself and who knows where that will take you.

As Henri Matisse said “Creativity takes courage”

What are you grateful for?

Fiona Duncan-Steer

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