Regain Clarity of Your Vision

Are you feeling distracted and off course since the pandemic hit?

If so, it is totally normal to feel as though the clear 2020 vision you had at the start of last year has turned into a fog of uncertainty and your brain is now full of ‘other stuff’…

We have all been through a testing time and things have changed, both internally and externally and navigating those changes has in some cases been exhausting.

Therefore, it is quite understandable if you have veered off course with your goals and the vision you once had for your future, whether long-term or short-term needs demystifying.

If you:

🧠 Have paused your marketing activity because you are unsure of your message.

💭Keep overthinking situations.

🧠Don’t feel you are as productive and efficient as you usually are.

💭Keep procrastinating.

🧠Find your to do list overwhelming and are tackling tasks at a much slower pace.

💭Are struggling with time management.

🧠Have forgotten or changed your future plans and goals recently.

💭Feel you have lost your mojo.

🧠Have so many things you want to achieve but don’t know where to start!

Then maybe it is now time to get clarity on your vision.

Vision work can be an extremely productive exercise and unlike its often ‘fluffy’ stereotype, can be a valuable asset to your marketing strategy if done in the right way.  There are various simple tools and techniques that you can tap into to reignite your energy and motivation, to invite your vision back into the room with you, which can then lead into goal setting and action planning, which sees you assigning some measurable timelines against your targets.

Investing some time in YOU and your mindset will create the solid foundations and allow you to then focus on the details – what you want and how you are going to get it.

Sometimes going back to basics and stripping it right back to the bare bones is a great way to start, then the only way is up from there!

Sometimes it just helps to talk it through- Get in touch and let’s talk.

Fiona Duncan-Steer –

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