Where are you when you get your best ideas?

Believe it or not inspiration and ideas do not just appear on command.  A good amount of work must go into the summoning of a new idea.  You must create a space for them, invite them in and nurture them once they arrive and all of this can be done through the power of your mind- yep that’s right its all about mindset over matter…

The brain is an incredible storage bank of memories, moments, experiences and information and did you know that around 90% of information transmitted to our brain is visual?

This is why;

-We should be protective of what we expose ourselves to.

-We should be clever and utilise this amazing fact in our marketing strategies, by using visual aids and tools to promote our brands in order to catch attention.

-We should use visual stimulation techniques within our training sessions and/or during self- development.

With all of this taken into consideration then, how can we prepare for new ideas?

It all starts and ends with YOU – in the time you invest into self-care practise to ensure that you are the best version of yourself to receive inspiration and those invaluable light bulb moments that could potentially change your day, your business or even your life for the better!

I’ll share with you where I feel most inspired…

-Away from my usual working environment (desk/ computer).
-Outdoors in nature (countryside).
-In the sunshine – on a beach.
-In my garden/on my bench.
-In bed at 3am (!)

Basically, anywhere arty/creative and visually stimulating such as an art gallery or sculpture park.

Ask yourself where are you when you feel most inspired, then take yourself to those places each time you need to reconnect, take a breather, or spark an idea (and if like me your brain wakes up at 3am, then keep a notepad and pen by your bed to capture them before they dissolve).

What kinds of things would you say cause creativity blocks?

Answer; there are many!

I ask this because a little reverse engineering will open up examples of things, places and people you may need to consider seeing more of, doing and going to in order to clear your mind & prep for new ideas…

My creativity blocks;

-Phone / social media
-Computer /desk environment
-Distracting loud noises
-Messy surroundings
-Stress / anxiety
-Tiredness / loss of mojo
… I could go on…

I invite you to think of what aspects block your creativity, then flip those examples around to uncover achievable solutions.

My Solutions;

-Turn phone off / limit social media
-Move away from my desk
-Find a quiet / inspiring space
-Ensure my environment is tidy
-Practise self-care.

Why not make two similar lists to mine to identify your creativity blocks & how you could unblock them and why not locate your inspirational space and allow yourself time to visit once in a while- after all there are millions of ideas just waiting to be discovered if you open your mind to them.

Fiona Duncan-Steer, RSViP

Arrange a free discovery call with me to explore this further: fiona@rsvipnetwork.co.uk www.fionaduncansteer.com

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