A ‘Fab’ experience with Fab Clinic

Fab Clinics, located in Loughborough exists with the aim of giving both men and women the option of achieving their skin and body goals, using the latest in non-evasive technology.

I was recently invited along to the clinic to sample a treatment based personally on my skins needs and so off I went to Loughborough!

Upon arrival I was greeted by the lovely Julia on reception who offered me a nice healthy green tea- great start.  The clinic is quite beautiful with charming chandeliers and plush fabrics- very stylish and welcoming from the moment you enter.

Lucy came to introduce herself as my therapist and took me into the consultation/treatment room where I completed a standard form, requesting health information as well as current skin care regimes.  Lucy was extremely knowledgeable; passionately explaining everything in detail including the science behind the treatments.   I learnt a lot in my initial consultation including interestingly that the SPF included in face moisturisers is not sufficient and should be worn separately over the top of your moisturiser to ensure full protection from the suns damage.  Lucy also informed me that abrasive exfoliants for the face actually do more harm than good to the skin, creating tiny tears on the surface which then age you quicker, therefore an exfoliator without granules is much better- who knew!

I was then taken for my skin analysis- whereby I was asked to pop my face into a machine just about big enough for my head, rest my chin, close my eyes and wait for it to take its ‘photo’. 

It took but a few seconds and we were done as quick as that and no pain- bonus!  Lucy then asked me to head back into the treatment room while she worked on the analysis and printed off the results.

The results appear as a graph chart, showing each area of potential damage or problem as a percentage, focusing on seven main areas; spot, pore, roughness, wrinkle, UV acne, UV spot and UV moisture.  Being blessed with pretty good skin through good genes, I had high hopes for my results however was soon bought back down to earth when I saw how in-depth the test really went- turns out my highest percentages fell within the ‘roughness’ and ‘large pore’ areas (Pores I expected- roughness I did not!)  This just goes to show that what is visible to the naked eye is not all what it seems, as the machine does not beat around the bush- it just says it how it is. 

My UV /sun damage section also needed work to ensure it doesn’t increase -hence the SPF chat, so this is something I will be taking into consideration from now on.

Lucy then advised that as I had lovely skin, she didn’t think it necessary for me to have an abrasive treatment, so something like Diamond Dermabrasion would be best suited to my skin on that day.  I was more than happy with this and so de-robed (there is a nice cupboard in the treatment room for all of your personal belongings/clothes) and relaxed on the couch awaiting my pamper.  Lucy explained every step of the treatment to me beforehand so that I knew what to expect and asked if I’d prefer a hand or a foot massage whilst the mask was on- how lovely.

The treatment Diamond Dermabrasion is a mechanical peel using a diamond treatment head, which is designed to remove dead skin cells, reduce acne scarring, minimise stretch marks and scars, reduce enlarged pores, fine lines and character lines and is often used for:

The face, neck and decollete, postnatal stretch marks and superficial scars from past injuries.

It was a pleasure to receive this treatment from start to finish, beautiful products were used throughout and applied to my skin to cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise.  When the mask was applied and left for ten minutes, I received a delightful foot massage, which literally sent me off to a peaceful slumber and whilst other beautiful products were left on my face, I received a lovely neck and shoulder massage.  The dermabrasion treatment itself was very gentle and feels a little like sandpaper being rubbed gently across small areas of the face, only you can think of it less as sand paper and more as crushed diamonds!

A gentle suction device was then applied across my skin- in particular across my ‘large pore’ areas with the intention of reducing black and white heads- I can’t tell you the satisfaction you feel when you know those crafty little blighters are being sucked from your skin at record speed.

This particular treatment can be used in conjunction with ultrasonic treatments, IPL skin rejuvenation, dermaroller and radiofrequency to achieve outstanding results.

The products Fab Clinic use are by a company called Alumier who focus on the science behind great skin and as a client of the clinic you can have the option of becoming a customer of the products too, as they will set up an account for you so that products can easily be ordered online and delivered straight to your door.  Product purchases can also be based on the recommendation of your therapist following your treatment. 

I left the clinic with a goody bag, a glow and a smile 😊

Fab Clinic offer many other treatments – for the full list see their website- www.fabclinics.com

Fiona Duncan-Steer

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